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British Academy of Jewellery and Marmalade Fine Jewellery Design Competition

What's behind Door number 5 St Cross Street?

It's the British Academy of Jewellery and their 2018 Level 3 CAD Design Students.


Kaleidoscope - 'to look at beautiful forms'.

This year we were very excited and proud to once again support and encourage the next generation of CAD design students from the British Academy of Jewellery in their final year project.

The theme this year was 'Kaleidoscope' - we asked the students to design a style or element of a jewellery range with the ability to include this unique design feature across multiple colours and shapes of fabulous precious gem stones.

The test was to see if they could distinguish and create an distinctive element that could be included in any and all jewellery that would identify it as a 'Marmalade Kaleidoscope' piece.

Once again we were delighted with the amount of creative work that went into the project and are pleased to present the 5 finalists for your consideration.

Voting Closes 30th September 2018

View the designs!

The precious gem stones tray