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British Academy of Jewellery and Marmalade Fine Jewellery Design Competition

What's behind Door number 5 St Cross Street?

It's the British Academy of Jewellery and their 2017 Level 3 CAD Design Students.


At Marmalade Fine Jewellery we're delighted to announce that we are partnering with the 2017 Students from the Academy to sponsor a jewellery CAD design competition. On our travels recently we found these beautiful pear shaped tanzanite's and the next generation of British Jewellery designers are spending the next 4 weeks coming up with some (hopefully) incredible designs.

The large gem is 5.7 carats and the 2 smaller ones total 3.39 carats

When we have a shortlist of the best 4 or 5 entries we will contact you again to view the entries on our website. At that point and in order to help us chose the winner we will be asking you as a loyal friend of Marmalade to vote for your favourite design. The brightest and best, winning entry will then be made into a reality in Marmalades workshop and displayed in store.