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British Academy of Jewellery and Marmalade Fine Jewellery Design Competition

What's behind Door number 5 St Cross Street?

It's the British Academy of Jewellery and their 2019 Level 4 Jewellery Design and Manufacture Students.


London Town

London town has some of the most famous landmarks, designers, art, architecture in the world. How to incorporate this wonderful vibrant city into a piece and ultimately a complimentary range of jewellery.


We decided this year to ask the class of the BAJ 2019 to design a piece of jewellery inspired by iconic London landmarks.


This was not a design competition to make the best Westminster Abbey, or representation of St Pauls. Rather we're looking for a unique perspective, angle or interpretation on part or all of a building that inspires and engages them.


The piece didn't have to be immediately recognisable as their inspiration as such but the narrative should be able to explain why they designed and made what they had in relation to the structure.


The piece once made should be maximum 100mm high by 50mm it will be made in precious metal and set with at least one signature gemstone (no larger than 5 carats) with accent diamonds.


The challenge here was to design something uniquely interesting, but sellable in Marmalade - this was not a competition to design a gallery or museum piece.


View the designs!

The precious gem stones tray