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June Newsletter 2015

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Lucy's piece of the month:

For my piece of the month I have chosen this stunning 14ct rose gold ring featuring 0.35ct of white diamonds and 0.90ct of cognac and chocolate diamonds. Its flower design is stunning and I love the attention to detail in this piece, especially the curvy shapes of the petals.

All the petal shapes are scattered with pave set diamonds with the lower layer of petals featuring darker cognac diamonds. I love how the top layer of petals is asymmetrical which gives it a really natural shape. The combination of cognac and white diamonds lends itself to the rose gold metal resulting in a warm and sparkly look.

The ring is priced at £2750.00 and I think it would be terrific addition to anyone’s jewellery wardrobe!

Birthstone for June...Pearls

For those who are born in the month of June, Pearl is the traditional birthstone to be given and treasured. Properties associated with pearls are loyalty, faithfulness and friendship.

Pearls were equally popular to our ancient ancestors because unlike gemstones they do not need to be cut or polished to show their full beauty: a unique trait that has led some historians to believe that the popularity of pearls in jewellery or as adornment to clothing may significantly pre-date that of other gemstones. Ancient Hindu texts credit Krishna with discovering the first pearl. He then presented it to his daughter as a gift on her wedding day, a tradition which is still popular today. Both Greeks and Romans had such a closely connected view of pearls and marriage that both brides and guests were expected to be adorned with them.

Pearls given as birthday or bridal gifts will remain timeless pieces in anyone’s jewellery collection.

June Events

Bedford Park Festival is coming to Chiswick from the 10th to the 26th of June. The festival features a mix of arts and community events, such as musical performances, exhibitions, talks, children’s activities and delicious food to treat yourself to! This year’s theme is Alice in Wonderland, so there will be a children’s fancy dress parade on June 13th.

We are proud to be taking part in the Treasure Hunt from 1st to 12th of June. We will have a character from Alice in Wonderland hidden somewhere in our window, come and have a look! Celebrate the wealth of talent in the area by visiting ‘Artists at Home’; an amazing opportunity to meet local artists, browse and purchase their artwork.

Fancy having a nose around Bedford Parks most beautiful private gardens? Well on 28th of June you can, with the ‘Open Garden’ afternoon. The festival raises money for St Michaels & All Angels Church, as well as local charities ‘The Upper Room’ and ‘The Mulberry Centre’ and Rwandan charity ‘Msaada’. For the full event programme go to www.bedfordparkfestival.org

Hope to see you soon

With warm regards

The Marmalade Team.