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Bespoke Diamond and Platinum Jewellery

Our full jewellery workshop has everything you need: bespoke creations, jewellery repair and maintenance services. We're right up there for platinum, engagement rings, eternity rings and wedding bands, but Marmalade loves to create and make anything and everything your heart desires.

Over the years, people have come to us with all sorts of requests: revitalising a family heirloom that's been sitting around, loved but unworn; sprucing up an old favourite; resetting a precious stone from a ring that's been loved by generations.

What about your heirloom or heritage piece of jewellery that needs some TLC. Bring it in! We can all put our heads together and create something that will blow your mind and get you wearing it again, remembering your loved ones.

We employ master mounters and diamond setters in house for our commissioned pieces, and we pride ourselves in our complementary - and dare we say extremely friendly and knowledgeable -- bespoke design service. (Cont...)


All your precious jewellery is worked on by the Marmalade team, in the Marmalade workshop - it never leaves our possession, 100% safely and securely.

While we're looking after it for you, it is always completely insured; however, we always recommend that our clients have their own insurance for their precious items.

As all our fine-jewellery collection items are made in house, there is absolutely no way we would charge a premium for special one-off bespoke items.

Our many diamond-bourse contacts, here in London and Antwerp, help us to source the best range of certified loose diamonds and gemstones, so we have a wider, better-informed choice for all of our clients.

Click here to see a journey through our bespoke process.


Jewellery Repairs

We do! Not just jewellery made by or bought from us.

We can make or repair any precious metal jewellery from anywhere: from classic vintage antiques right through to simple silver studs. With access to the country's finest enamellers, engravers, stringers, setters and mounters, our possibilities are endless.

Some of the most common types of repairs are:

Ring Sizing
Chain Repairs
Stone Re-setting
Clean Polish and servicing
Earring Posts
Vintage jewellery restoration
Pearl and Bead re stringing

Prices are from £25 and typically take 2-3 weeks. All articles left with us are booked in by one of our experienced team, the work required will be thoroughly discussed and potential costs explained fully - if we are not sure of an accurate cost we will arrange for a fixed quote to be calculated for you.

Your jewellery is then photographed, stored and insured in our safe and sent directly to the workshop on the next delivery.

You will receive a text message to let you know it has arrived safely at the workshop and a phone call when its back in store.

All fees are payable on collection.

Please note that we cannot work on costume or base metal jewellery or watches of any kind.


Beautiful Fine Jewellery Selection in Store

When you stroll into Marmalade, you are transported to a happy place. Beautifully and maybe even a little quirkily presented, our range of ready-made jewellery might just take your breath away.

We fuel our passion for jewellery by finding and creating engagement rings, eternity rings and wedding bands that we just know you'll love as much as we do.

They're dazzling, with coloured gemstones set in yellow and white gold. Our rainbow collection is a particular favourite. And who can resist the black and coloured diamonds, or freshwater and cultured pearls? Every single one is a treat waiting to happen. The diamond studs, hoops and pendants, and a really pretty range of micro pave jewellery, is enough to tempt anyone.


Trendy Designer Silver Collections

Loving the British silver designs at the moment, so we went out there to find some fabulous pieces that would appeal to everyone.

To the ladies, we offer a beautiful range of designer British silver jewellery, and to the chaps, cufflinks and giftware .


Luxury Packaging

The jewellery is everything - but everything is enhanced in a beautiful box. Which makes the event that much more special. All of our jewellery comes in a beautiful inner orange tub, with an outer box, ribbon wrapped and then a luxurious cord handled bag. A feast for the eyes and delightful to open.


Pearl Stringing

In a country where the art of pearl stringing is slowly dying out, we still have a strong relationship with the very best, fully qualified craftsmen (and women) who continue to nurture pearl stringing, who will happily quote to re-thread your pearl and bead necklaces.



An engraving makes some beautiful even more personal. Our world-class engraver can engrave your logo, motif or even your handwritten notes or fingerprints on to any piece of jewellery, by hand or machine. He really can achieve outstanding results - don't just take our word for it!

Signet rings are our speciality. Go for a classic reverse seal or surface either on stone or straight to metal. Or let these styles inspire your own ideas.

Just a quick aside: we like working on jewellery most, so we don't generally take on trophies or other bulky items.


Watch Batteries and Repairs

Our Watch Department can service most makes of watches, we can repair, overhaul, or replace movements, fix straps, replace batteries and re-seal to make waterproof.

We can also provide a prestige watch bracelet refurbishment service

We are the UK service base for several leading international brands. Including being an approved Omega service centre.

Our list of watch services is below:

Watch Bracelets Precious Metal - (Read more...)
Metal Bracelets - (Read more...)
Lug Replacement - (Read more...)
Watch Cases - (Read more...)
Watch Faces - (Read more...)
Batteries/Resealing - (Read more...)
Dive Watches - (Read more...)
Total Overhaul - (Read more...)
Prestige Watch refurbishment - (Read more...)
Watch Price List - (Read more...)

Please call us or pop in for a quote


Watch Bracelets Precious Metal

If the bracelet is made of gold , silver or platinum we are able to repair or replace most sections. Clasps can be repaired by rebuilding worn sections, replacing missing parts, adding features such as safety clasps, we can also extend ladders. We can recondition worn bracelets by tightening any loose links and finish the surface of the bracelet to look like new. We can, in most cases, repair the actual links of the bracelet. Where a bracelet is badly damaged normally at the case or clasp end, we can either solder solid or remove the damaged area and add extensions either side of the clasp. When a bracelet is too short we can also lengthen it. These processes require an estimate.


Metal Bracelets

With non-precious metals such as Stainless Steel, Gold Plated and Silver Plated, if the parts are available, we can adjust the length of most bracelets by either removing or adding links. We can replace the bracelet if badly damaged, repair or replace the clasp. We can replace spring lugs and their covers and attach safety chains.


Lug Replacement

These are the extensions that attach the bracelet to the case, they sometimes snap off or wear, we can be rebuild or replace these.



Watch Cases

We can replace most buttons and stems, watch glass and where necessary whole watch movements both mechanical (non-battery) and quartz (battery powered). We can overhaul, repaint dials, replace hands and refit loose batons (numbers).


Watch Faces

We can cut our own shaped glasses as well as supply standard round mineral glass and perspex.



We can replace batteries and also reseal the case to make water resistant on those watches designed for this. The gasket is replaced and the watch is placed in a dry pressure testing chamber which is programmed to seal the watch at the level required. A certificate showing the water resistance depth is issued with every watch that is resealed.


Dive Watches

With our recently installed ROXER NATATOR 125 wet pressure tester we are now able to pressure test and reseal Dive Watches and many of the leading watch brands that include, Rolex, Tag, Omega, Breitling and Cartier to the manufacturers specification up to 125 bar (1,250 metres).



Total Overhaul

Firstly the movement comes out of the case, the hands and dial are removed. With a mechanical watch the mainspring is let down to take the power off, with a quartz watch the battery is removed. Then the movement is stripped down i.e. train wheels are removed, motion work and date work taken off. With a mechanical watch the balance has it's end stones and jewel hole's removed.

After that every part is examined for wear (at this point any worn parts are replaced with new) the parts are put into a watch basket and cleaned in a watch cleaning machine. After this process the watch is re-assembled and oiled and then put on a timer to regulate and put on "beat".

The movement is then put back into the case and bench tested.


Prestige Watch refurbishment

The department provides a prestige Watch Case and Bracelet refurbishment service. All makes including Rolex, Tag, Omega, Breitling, and Cartier can be made to look like new. This service is ideal for customers who own prestigious watches that may have scratched or damaged case/bracelet and would like it returned to its original or close to its original condition when first purchased.


Please call us or pop in for a quote


Watch Price Guide 2016

Jobs prices from:-


Price From

Battery only


Battery and Re-Seal up to 10 Bar


Battery and re-seal 20-125 Bar


Link removal

£10.00 - £20.00

Stem/Crown generic


Glass flat mineral (round)


Glass Domed Plastic


Glass cut to pattern




Dial restoration


Watch and case Refurbishment


If an estimate is given but not proceeded, a £15.00 charge will be made.

Full Service or Movement Exchange

Mechanical or Quartz watches retailing up to the value of £100.00.
Full service or movement exchange.
Prices from £60.00.

Mechanical or Quartz watches retailing up to the value of £300.00.
Full service or movement exchange.
Prices from £90.00.



Automatic, Mechanical or Quartz Chronographs and Kinetic retailing over £300.00.
Full Service or movement exchange
Prices from £120.00.

Watches that do not fall into category 1, 2, or 3 including all:
Omega, Rolex, Tissot, Longines, Ebel, Breitling, Oris, Cartier, TAG Heuer, Tudor, Zenith,
Price on Estimate

Estimated Watch Repairs
All watches that request an estimate will incur a £15.00 charge if the job is not proceeded and returned undone.

Our workshop is an authorised Omega Service centre.