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Gold Plate Your
Apple Watch only £399

FAQ's Care Guide

How does it work?

Choose from 18 Carat Yellow or Rose Gold

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  • Apple Watch Gold Plated
  • Apple Watch with Gold plating

turnaround is less than a week!

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Buckles also possible.

Guaranteed Perfect Finish.
Looks exactely like the solid gold version.
No adverse effect on the performance of the watch.

I'm ready to Gold Plate my Apple Watch.

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Make sure your Apple Watch is stainless steel. **(not Sport unfortunately)**

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The £499 flat rate includes the plating of one watch face and buckle and/or one watch band.

The plating process requires us to professionally disassemble the watch from the strap.

We then use / apply a complicated but thoroughly tested technique for plating that ensures the integrity and functions of the watch are not affected or changed in any way.

The watch will be returned to you in the same condition as we received it, just plated in 18 carat Gold.

Print and sign the order form when it arrives in your in-box

Package up the watch and post it to us with the signed order form by Royal Mail Guaranteed delivery. We cannot process the order until we receive a SIGNED order form.

We will 18 carat gold plate your watch and buckle in either Yellow or Rose gold as per your order and ship it back to you by Royal mail Guaranteed delivery, usually within 3-4 business days from when we receive your watch.

That's it - you now own a 'gold' Apple Watch.

Enjoy! Make sure you learn how to properly care for your 18 carat gold plating by clicking here.

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FAQ's        Care Guide